Nine Zero Lacquer

Nine Zero Lacquer “Blackberry Banana” and “Mango Sunrise”

I am in love with these stand-out black flakies! The contrast between the black flakies and the neon creme polishes is stunning.


Mango Sunrise is a bright orange creme full of black flakies. The formula was great and very easy to apply. The black flakies spread relatively easily across the nail.


Unfortunately, I didn’t have as easy of a time with Blackberry Banana. The formula was slightly thicker, and there were considerably fewer black flakies in the bottle. I ended up fishing through the bottle for black flakies and placing them individually on my nails to create this look.


Overall, I loved the look of these polishes. I love the black flakies and love the bright, neon colors. However, given that I had such poor luck with Blackberry Banana, I’m not sure I would try another polish from the Smoothie Bar collection.

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