Femme Fatale · Thermal

Femme Fatale “End of the Storm”

End of the Storm was my first-ever thermal nail polish! I’m wearing it for the second time, which is saying a lot considering very few of my polishes ever get worn more than once…… Oops, did I just admit that??


End of the storm is a golden-tan to purple-periwinkle thermal. In its warm state it is a beautiful golden nude color. In its cold state, it is a medium purple that looks periwinkle in some light. There is also scattered holographic glitters as well as slightly larger copper glitters. The copper glitters are what made me fall in love with this polish! I love the way they stand out in the warm state.


Here is End of the Storm in its completely warm state in artificial lighting. Just look at those glitters!!


Here’s this stunning polish in natural lighting in direct sunlight. I was able to reach full opacity in two coats of color. I wore this mani for THIRTEEN days! Once again, Femme Fatale is absolute perfection.

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