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Emily de Molly “Created by Man”: Polish Pickup April 2018

This past month of Polish Pickup has been my favorite so far! I just got my order in the mail yesterday and put this shade on my nails immediately. The theme for April 2018 was Across the Universe: Planets and Galaxies. This thermal from Emily de Molly was inspired by Battlestar Galactica.

New to Polish Pickup? Every month, PPU has a theme voted on by fans. Tons of indie makers then create a polish inspired by that theme. You can order as many shades from any maker participating that month for a flat rate of $3 shipping in the U.S. You can learn more about PPU on their website here!


In its cold state, Created by Man is dark grey, almost black. This polish is packed with a light turquoise shimmer, iridescent flakies, and scattered holographic glitters.


In its warm state, Created by Man is a denim blue. The flakies are particularly beautiful in the warm state!


Here’s a close-up shot of this shade mid-transition.


Next up I have a few swatches of Created by Man in outdoor lighting.


One more close-up shot! Do you see those flakies?!


This polish was opaque in two coats of polish and dries matte. I added a glossy top coat to bring out the shimmer and flakies. The formula thickened up slightly when I moved onto coat number two, but it was overall extremely easy to work with. I am SO glad I picked this polish up. If you can’t tell by the bazillion pictures I took, I am in love!


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